Add Social Sharing Buttons to your WordPress Blog

Are you a blogger? Then, you obviously want your blog to be more popular. Nowadays using social networks to promote your blog is a real must. Especially if you create some unique content for a narrow target group. The advantages of Social Media Management (or just SMM) are evident. You get new customers, your blog is recognized better, and, finally, you can use social media to contact your readers better.

Best SMM Tips for Your Blog

Best SMM Tips for Your Blog

So, what’s the the most important thing about SMM? First of all, you have to use it wisely. Don’t just post some news or other info — ask your readers about different things. This will help you understand what requires special attention in your blog. Also, using social networks is good for chatting. It’s extremely important for a blogger to be closer to the readers, and social media is a great tool for it.

Another important thing that you’ll need at your blog are social sharing buttons. They are, actually, a auto-promotion tool. You install them once, and they work for your blog again and again. These social buttons let the readers share your posts on a social network page. This works perfect for promotion, especially if you have really interesting and unique content.

All about Social Sharing Buttons for WordPress

If you have a blog powered by WordPress platform, here we have a plenty of good news for you! This CMS allows to install and use a lot of social network tools including sharing buttons. Moreover, you can add special widgets that will broadcast your social media posts to your blog. Long story short, WordPress is a bottomless well of social media opportunities. All about Social Sharing Buttons for WordPress

So, how can you add social sharing buttons to your WordPress blog? There are several ways to do it, but we’ll offer you the easiest one. You can opt for special plugins that help you manage this issue very fast. These plugins are easy to install, and allow to add links to the most popular social networks. For instance, you can try Social Share Buttons, Slick Social Share Buttons, or some other WordPress plugins.

Most plugins of this kind are free and easy to use. You will only have to choose the buttons you need, and their allocation near every blog post. It’ll be specially nice if you’ll choose a plugin that has share counters. That will both motivate users to share your posts, and help you understand, what topics are more interesting for your readers.

More Ideas for Successful SMM

Well, the situation with social media buttons is quite clear. You add them, and they just work. However, what can you do to make Facebook&Co work even better? First of all, create your official pages at the most popular social platforms. We advise you to start with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Also, if your blog topic is related to business or employment, try LinkedIn.

Is that not enough for you? Well, there are more interesting tools. For instance, sidebar social media widgets. They are installed as regular plugins, and help you make more use of blog sidebars. These widgets show your latest social media activity. With these plugins, you can attract people not only to read your blog, but also get extra info from your social network accounts.

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