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Secure, reliable and functional. Linux hosting that goes hand in hand with PHP is considered to be one of the most popular hosting solutions today. It is cheap, user-friendly, compatible with popular scripting languages.
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Linux is an open source software product. It means that you can download it absolutely free. With a large Linux web community you can take advantage of various applications as well as to ask some question to solve some web programming issue.

Of course, Linux hosting plans are not free and our task is to provide you with the most affordable hosting packages that will meet all your requirements. Your task is to set your goals and define the things that are necessary for your project.

Top Cheap Linux Hosting Service Reviews

Today there are so many web hosting providers that to find the best solution is possible. To attract more clients, Linux web hosts offer various interesting and useful options. For example, you can take advantage of such features as advertising credit, SEO tools, webmaster resources and tools, a wide range of software to choose from, various programming scripts such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. All these things are already included into the Linux hosting plan you choose. All you need is to decide which things are must-have and which you can forget about.

Depending on the size and aims of your web project you can choose among various hosting solutions available. However, even if you choose some hosting plan for a small website, don’t forget that it may become bigger and receive thousands of visitors a day. In this case you can buy Linux hosting plan that provides you with more options than you need now or look for hosting package that allows you to upgrade any time you want.

Budget Linux / Unix Hosting

If you are looking for the cheapest Linux hosting solution, you need to choose shared hosting plan. Such plans are more affordable as VPS or dedicated hosting. However, there are also some differences in pricing. Some hosting companies offer you several shared hosting plans to choose from. Such Linux hosting plans can include 1 or more domain names for free, unlimited MySQL databases as well as unlimited disk space. Check how many websites you can host within one account if it is crucial for you.

However, talking about unlimited options you need to consider that shared hosting can be a good choice for small websites without big traffic. Otherwise, you will experience downtime and plenty of other problems occur. That’s because shared hosting means that your website will be hosted with various other websites on the same server. It leads to limited resources that are shared among these sites. Thus, even if you are offered unlimited features you need to consider such things.

The other problem with shared hosting is bad neighbourhood. Not all sites prefer using white techniques to improve their sites popularity. Choosing shared hosting you can be located on the same IP address with spamming sites. When they are banned, it doesn’t imply to a particular site, it implies to its IP address. In other words, your website will also be penalized. It takes time to fix the things and reach the same rankings again.

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

If shared hosting features are not enough for your web site, but dedicated hosting is too expensive, you can choose VPS hosting. This type of Linux hosting can be called something between these two options. It can be a good choice for eCommerce website, forum, portal or online magazine with plenty of subscribers and clients.

This time your site is also hosted on the same server with other websites. However, only physically. The server is divided into several portions. Each of them has its own IP address, limited disk space and RAM. Thus, the sites located there are more independent.

Your task is to set the limits for your project. Think twice how much disk space, RAM and IP addresses you need. There are no unlimited options and you need to know for sure all the features required. Depending on them the price for VPS hosting changes.

The most important thing choosing VPS hosting plan is to find a reliable and trustworthy host. With plenty of new companies trying to make more profits spending less time, you should avoid VPS hosting servers that are divided into too many parts. This will lead to often downtime as well as other unpleasant things happen. So, to choose cheap is good, but don’t save some money now if you can lose more in the future. Choose reliable Linux VPS hosting providers only.

Budget Business Hosting

Linux hosting is considered to be one of the most secure platforms. However, to provide your visitors and potential customers with safe and secure service you need to look for such features as dedicated IP address and private SSL certificate. They both are available within any type of Linux hosting plan – shared, VPS or dedicated. Sometimes they are already included into the hosting package you choose an extra fee required.

As we have mentioned above, with a dedicated IP address you will avoid bad neighbourhood to provide high quality service for your clients. Just imagine, that being on the same IP address with a site that sends spam may lead to your emails sent to spam box as well. To prevent it IP address is a must.

SSL certificate guarantees secure data transaction in the Internet. It is a necessary feature if you want to create an online shop. There are private SSL certificates available that will lead to your own page, not the certificate of your host. Such option will show your potential clients that you are a professional with reliable services provided. However, all these may lead to more money spend… as well as more money earned.

Cheap Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

If your website is not just a brochure spreading news about your company. If it is some big project that makes profits. Then dedicated server hosting can be taken into consideration. However, even small websites can be quite profitable without the necessity to switch to Linux dedicated server hosting. So, where is the point to think about such quite expensive hosting solution?

The size and traffic. These are the things that influence the Linux hosting plan you should choose. Or the first things to pay attention to. Talking about various dedicated hosting plans we also should say that there are quite a lot of them for various prices. The prices vary depending on the features included.

As you may guess, you need to decide how much disk space and RAM you need. Whether you want to host one domain or need several IP addresses. What email services you need and whether private SSL certificate is a must. However, sometimes you don’t need to choose among so many things, just because all of them have already included into Linux dedicated hosting plan.

The pricing will also change depending on the type of dedicated hosting you choose – managed or unmanaged. The best thing of Linux dedicated hosting is that it provides you with independence when you can configure your server settings as you wish. However, if you just don’t know what to do with all these things you have two options to choose from. To hire a professional programmer or order managed dedicated hosting plan.

Talking about managed dedicated hosting solutions we should say that there are also different types of hosting plans depending on the things you want to be managed by your host. You can choose the simplest things included or prefer fully managed hosting solution. Of course, the pricing will also change. The more options to manage, the more money you should spend.

Set your budget, determine your aims and you will definitely find the Linux hosting plan that will combine cost-effectiveness with great performance. With so many offers you have enough opportunities to choose the best, upgrade or switch for another hosting plan in the future. Anyway, try to choose Linux hosting plan to meet all your requirements. Hope our site helps you a lot.

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