Best Budget PHP Web Hosting Companies

If your aim is to create a website spending little time on web development, PHP can be the best choice. This scripting language is considered to be one of the most popular among web programmers to produce dynamic web pages.
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Facebook, Wikipedia, Digg and plenty of other well-known websites are written in PHP. Easy to learn and use, PHP is open source script that makes your budget web hosting possible.

Such popular content management systems as Joomla, WordPress as well as Drupal are also written in PHP. It makes them user-friendly with point-and-click navigation and allows you to create a great website easily. Simplicity and affordable price. These are the main features that have already attracted more than 20 million users of PHP.

Top Cheap PHP Hosting Service Reviews

We offer you the cheap PHP hosting plans taking into consideration your needs and expectations. Don’t forget that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Choosing the PHP hosting for affordable price don’t forget about this true statement. The first things to define deciding which hosting plan is the best for your site creation and maintaining are:

  • size of your project
  • budget you are going to spend
  • type of website you want to create (eCommerce, blog, forum, online magazine, etc.)

When you decide on these options you can be more sure about the best hosting plan to look for. There are also several basic packages to choose from:

  • shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • dedicated hosting
  • Shared hosting can be appropriate for small sites or personal blogs when no security matters are involved. This type of web hosting means that your site will be hosted on the same server with plenty of other sites. Being on the same IP address with the sites that send spam or perform other restricted techniques to improve their position, means that your site can also be banned.

    Apart from bad neighbourhood, shared hosting means limited options provided. Of course, you can use unlimited hosting plan that will be perfect for small website. In case your aim is to create a large portal or eCommerce site, VPS or dedicated hosting should be taken into consideration.

    Of course, such hosting plans are not so affordable if compare with shared hosting, but you always can make a research and choose something appropriate in a wide range of offers. To set your limits and options required to maintain your web project is essential to choose the right VPS or dedicated hosting.

    Budget eCommerce Hosting

    Today you can choose among a lot of PHP hosting plans that offer you different shopping carts to create online shop. To create a great-looking as well as user-friendly online shop you can use a lot of various tools. You can analyse all the necessary data including your constant visitors, their preferences and the things they are looking for in your site. All this is possible thanks to various features provided by PHP eCommerce hosting plan. Of course, such advanced options require extra costs to spend.

    If you want to create an online shop with small budget you always can find cheap eCommerce hosting plans. There are hosting solutions for online shops that offer you shared hosting plans. However, to guarantee secure personal data and money transaction you need to choose the PHP hosting plan with private IP address and SSL certificate. Such features are available for extra cost within your shared hosting plan. Choose VPS or dedicated hosting to get even several IP addresses included.

    Cheap Blog Hosting

    To create your own blog is simple these days. You can choose among several free blog hosting solutions or choose some reliable blog hosting to host your own domain. Of course, the latter solution makes your blog more protected from unexpected deleting by your free host. So, if you want to create your own blog to develop your business or to make profits online, to choose cheap blog hosting instead of free blog hosting is a must.

    The other thing to consider deciding to create a blog on your own is the content management system to choose. Today there are several open source systems that are considered to be the most popular among the users. Among them are well-known WordPress, magic Drupal and easy-to-use Joomla. Let’s try to find out what is the best for you.

    WordPress Web Hosting

    WordPress is considered to be one of the best content management system to create and maintain a blog. It is simple with plenty of templates provided. You also can use WordPress to create a small websites. However, if we are talking about security, WordPress hosting is not the best solution for you. In other words, such type of hosting can be the best for beginners or for those who want to create a small website without too sophisticated options included.

    Drupal Web Hosting

    Drupal hosting can be called the best choice… however, it requires strong skills in web development. So, if you know nothing or not much about web programming or just don’t have enough budget to hire professional staff, this CMS can be useless for you, just because you won’t be able to do your best and take advantage of all the features provided.

    If we are talking about security, themes and plugins available, Drupal provides you with all the necessary features to make your site look and work perfect. Being the most sophisticated CMS among three offered, Drupal also offers you the best options.

    Joomla Web Hosting

    Joomla can be called something between Drupal and WordPress if we are talking about usability and security issues. This CMS also provides you with plenty of themes and templates to use. Joomla hosting can be a good choice for creating a blog or eCommerce website. Most Joomla templates are available for free. However, to use some advanced things some extra fee can be required. Joomla has one of the largest online communities that help you in case you have some questions concerning web site creation or templates required.

    Budget cPanel Hosting

    Choosing budget PHP hosting plan you need to pay attention to control panel provided. The best choice is cPanel control panel. It is easy to use and provides you with all the necessary features included. Using cPanel you can manage your multiple website, parked domains, add-on domains. You also can manage your email accounts, FTP, MySQL databases as well as set all the options required for your shopping cart. Created in point-and-click style, cPanel is considered to be the most popular among the users.

    Cheap Email Hosting

    The other thing to pay attention to choosing the best PHP hosting is email accounts and email services provided. If you want to create an online shop or large community you need to have a reliable email services. Just imagine what a vast database of visitors and potential customers you will have. You need to send newsletters, answer their requests as well as to be in touch with your visitors. To automate some of these things is a must and decent email hosting provides you with such opportunity.

    Budget My SQL Hosting

    To create a website with dynamic web pages you need MySQL database. Some people suppose that the more MySQL databases you have, the better. They think so and try to choose the hosting plans with unlimited MySQL databases. We need to talk about the size of your project again. Sometimes even 50 or 100 MySQL databases are useless. For example, to create a static website you don’t need MySQL databases at all. However, if you want to create multiple web sites with plenty of information included, choose unlimited hosting plans to be sure.

    Cheap Forum Hosting

    If you decide to create online community to provide your visitors with the opportunity to share their opinions and emotions, the decent forum hosting is what you are looking for. Today most PHP hosting plans include special scripts that allow you to create forum within several clicks. Thus, choosing PHP hosting with cPanel you also will get Fantastico. It is a collection of scripts necessary to create the things you want to add to your website including forums as well.

    Budget PHP VPS Hosting

    VPS hosting is something between shared and dedicated hosting. It concerns features as well as prices. VPS hosting means that your site physically will be hosted on the same server with several other websites. However, this time the server is divided into several portions and your site will be hosted on such virtual portion of server. It provides you with more independence and protects you from bad neighbourhood as well. Be aware that some hosting providers offering you cheap VPS hosting portioning their server into too many portions to make more profits. Of course, this lead to worse performance and loading time.

    Cheap PHP Dedicated Server Hosting

    The dedicated hosting provides you with the best features possible. However, this type of hosting cannot be called cheap. The pricing starts with $200 per month. This is your choice if you want to create a large portal with plenty of visitors that will provide you with more money than you spend. Big traffic without the necessary features provided lead to downtime occurred quite often. With such a great competitiveness your visitors won’t wait for long and your losses can exceed the sum you will spend on decent dedicated hosting.

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