Cheap Hosting – Can It Be Reliable?

cheap web hosting reliability

Cheap hosting became super popular in the web market as it offers affordable services for small and medium-sized businesses and projects. Naturally, all people want to save money and to get high quality services at the same time.

But is it really possible and maybe cheap hosting can do more harm than good to your online project?

If you are newcomer in the online business, cheap hosting will be good start for you and will help you to explore the inside of the web hosting services.

Reliability and Cost

In fact, the reliability of web provider is much more important than cost of the hosting plan. As there are a lot of fly-by-night cheap hosting companies, you should be careful when choosing a provider for your future website.

As some companies use outdated servers that have regular crashes, you may have permanent downtime and can lose many visitors. Some cheap host can be very slow that will have negative impact on your site’s reputation.

There are some companies that economize on customer support or don’t have it at all. So, choose only those providers which guarantee high quality customer support that you can contact any time.

Naturally, cheap cost can’t imply five star quality service, but it is possible to find cheap hosting provider which will offer you necessary resources and support on a level.

How To Choose Reliable Cheap Hosting Company

cheap web hosting reliability

There are several aspects that you should take into account when choosing cheap hosting provider. As we’ve discussed above, your task is to choose a host with 100% uptime guarantee. Although in most cases this index can be decreased, you can choose reliable hosting provider promising 99.8%.

Choose the host allowing you to upgrade if you need more disk space and bandwidth. You should also take into consideration the cost of upgrading.

Be careful when provider will offer you additional services and tools as you can overpay or refuse important features.

It wouldn’t be out of place to read independent review in the internet or to contact customer support to see how fast it react on your questions and requests.


As there are a lot of fly-by-night companies in the hosting market, it became more difficult to choose trustworthy hosting company. But it is really possible to get cheap hosting plan that will meet your needs. Sure, you shouldn’t expect large amount of bandwidth and disk space, but if you have small or medium-sized business, this amount will be quite enough for your web site.

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