Can Cheap Hosting Be Unreliable?

can cheap hosting be unreliable

It is not a secret that today web hosting has become a very competitive business as a multitude of companies are ready to offer you different services. Such competition has resulted in a giant segment of companies offering extremely low prices in order to attract more customers.

Naturally, low price represents perfect enticement, but let’s not forget that it also should arouse suspicion. So, you must be very careful as cheap hosting plan can cost you much more than you expected it to be.

While cheap hosting has its minuses, there is one, must be the most dangerous minus – in this kind of hosting you can meet a lot of fly-by-night companies which can grab your money and disappear in few days.

How To Spot Unreliable Company

To set up your online business, first of all, you should know how to distinguish fly-by-night provider from really reliable company. So, how do you know if one or another company will exist next year or whether it won’t disappear in three months of service? Below you will find several important points you should pay attention to when choosing a web hosting provider.

Bad Grammar and Spelling

Fly-by-night hosting companies usually don’t pay much attention to the spelling and grammar of their site’s content. As they are aimed simply to make money and to cheat clients, they often make simple steps which are easy to catch for trained eye.

Reputable and trustworthy web hosting companies pay attention to every detail and take care that their site’s content is written well and clearly explains the services.

Unprofessional Appearance

can cheap hosting be unreliableSerious-looking web site is a visiting card of reputable hosting provider.

Everything, including site’s logo, menu, design itself, should be visually pleasant and well-structured. If you are dealing with unreliable partner, you will notice at once primitive design, mediocre logo, links that don’t function in a proper way.

Usually such sites don’t contain a lot of information about their firm history and principles.

Improbable Testimonials

Undoubtedly, testimonials represent a very powerful marketing tool for any kind of business. But the point is that you can’t always check whether they are true. Fly-by-nigh companies always have testimonials from super happy customers raving about the service and technical support. You can always distinguish this by examining the style of writing and by finding special advertising tricks in the comments.

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