Cheap Hosting and Hidden Cost

cheap hosting and free hosting

Nowadays everybody has get adjusted to different kinds of discounts and sales, that’s why cheap hosting became so popular, especially among small businesses and those who creates web pages for personal needs.

But in spite of the cheap price this kind of hosting isn’t always attractive, as it can include additional expenses that don’t imply high quality service.

So, you should be really careful before choosing one or another web hosting company.

Poor Site Performance

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies which runs their service on cheap and outdated hardware, making it impossible to provide customer with sufficient resources and good performance. This problem usually takes place if provider overloads its server with too many websites that can result in slow server response and downtime of your site.

Today web has become very fast and visitors don’t like to wait for the pages loading. So, instead of waiting for your site loading, they rather will find another site with faster response.

Excessive Downtime

One of the basic problems of cheap hosting is downtime that is the result of using outdated hardware, overloaded servers and lack of the infrastructure and specialists to maintain and monitor the server’s work. It is obvious that cheap services increase the risk of downtime, thus having negative impact on your business development. So, if you don’t choose reliable hosting company, you can loose traffic and your potential clients.


cheap hosting and free hostingCheap hosting represents an ideal environment for spammers allowing them to save money as they have place to set their annoying and dangerous advertising. Usually spammers run hundreds of sites, thus, generating small sum of money from each of the sites.

While individual amount isn’t considerable, general earning form all those sites are really huge. It doesn’t mean that hosting next to spammers will influence you directly, but this can cause serious problems for the hosting provider which houses hundreds of such sites.

It should be noted that cheap hosted sites has the same IP address. So, it can present a great problem when the entire IP address is banned and penalized by search engine machines.


Today cheap hosting doesn’t present the best possible solution in the web industry, it has a lot of minuses, but these minuses are caused by the appearance of many unreliable hosting providers, so-called fly-by-night companies. But, if you address to the reputable web hosting provider, it will offer you really high quality service at a cheap price.

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