What Implies Cheap Hosting


It is not a secret that competently built site can become a powerful tool for any kind of business. It is your cell in the cyberspace allowing you to connect with millions of potential clients surfing in search of goods and services.

Even if you aren’t going to set up your online business, creating a web site is the best way to make yourself known all over the world.

The demand for web hosting services is increasing from day to day that provokes serious competition in the hosting market. That’s why there are a lot of companies ready to provide you with cheap hosting plan.

While this solution is quite attractive, you still have some doubts whether it is suitable for you, whether it really worth your time and money.

Peculiarities Of Cheap Hosting

First of all let’s define what cheap hosting is. Cheap hosting is the hosting which doesn’t cost more than $10 per month. There are also cheap hosting plans which cost doesn’t exceed $3 – $4 per month. Some hosting companies can offer you $1 hosting tariff, but in this case you will have very limited disk space and bandwidth, less features and no data base access. This may be enough if you are going to create a site for your personal needs, but it won’t suit for small or medium-sized business.

Cheap Hosting Disadvantages

reasons-to-buy-cheap-hostingYou should be very attentive when searching for cheap hosting services because there are a lot of unreliable companies offering cheap services but at the same time sacrificing their quality.

The main disadvantage and the source of all problems is that your web site is located on the same server with hundreds of other sites. So, you share the web space and bandwidth with other sites owners.

If, for example, it occurs that your neighbor is professional hacker or, on the contrary, inexperienced user who doesn’t know how to use one or another programming, this can lead to different problems such as server breakage and regular downtime. So, this makes server less secure and less efficient. Moreover, regular downtime can have negative impact on your site’s reputation.

High quality technical support is very important when choosing a hosting plan. But in spite of promises some companies can provide you with nothing more than poor customer support or they just can have non-existent support team.

So, you should be very attentive and choose only reliable and professional cheap hosting companies that really worked hard to win their reputation in the industry. Remember that reliable cheap hosting company will ensure high quality service for $5-$10 per month.

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