How to Create an E-Commerce Website from Scratch with Joomla

Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems. These systems, often called CMS, help you create a website from scratch, and organize its work without involving specialists. Joomla CMS has many important features that make it one of the leaders in the market. For instance, convenient admin interface helps you add and reorganize content with only a couple of clicks.

Try Joomla for E-Commerce

Try Joomla for E-Commerce

The studies show that ever more users choose Joomla for eCommerce. Indeed, creating an online shop on it is a good way to start your business. Also, this doesn’t require really much resources. Joomla has many options that will help you create an efficient eCommerce project. However, if you choose this platform, your main tool on the way to successful online business is the special VirtueMart extension.

With VirtueMart your project will turn into real pleasure. Once you install the plugin, you will be able to create and markup all website pages, add your goods, prices, comparison tools, promo banners, etc. All-in-all, VirtueMart extension has any instrument you may need for an online shop. Try it to make sure!

How to Make a Joomla E-Commerce Site?

So, how can you create an eCommerce website powered by Joomla? There are several key steps you need to make for this. Here we’ve prepared the list of 5 stages of creating an eCommerce website with Joomla and VirtueMart:

1. Download Joomla software

For this, go to their official page, and choose the package you need. We suggest you to try the latest version, which is, for the time being, Joomla! 3.0.1. Thereafter, upload the .zip file you’ve just got to your hosting. For this go to cPanel, and use its File Manager to upload the software package. Finally, use the same cPanel File Manager to unpack the archive under public_html.

2. Create a new database

This is required to store all information about your future website. To create a database, go to cPanel home page again, and find the MySQL Database Wizard. In it you’ll have to create a new database and a user to admin it. This is quite easy — just follow the wizard’s instructions, and remember the username and password you choose

3. Install Joomla!

Now it’s quite easy. Just type the address of your website in the browser, and you’ll be suggested to install Joomla software. Follow the tips, and configure Joomla. A couple of moments, and voilá! After several minutes you already have your own site! Ain’t it magic?

4. Choose a template

Now you can choose design for your website. For this you’ll need to login to admin page at As soon as it’s done, go to Extensions > Extension Manager. Then, upload and install the template you have chosen previously. And don’t forget that you can easily find interesting and free eCommerce templates for Joomla.

5. Install VirtueMart

Install Joomla!

Now you can finally install the extension that will add all necessary eCommerce functions to your website. You can install VirtueMart using the same Extensions Manager. Thereafter, start configuring your website. And this is where sky is the limit. Use your imagination, add the tools you need, build and design pages, add more extensions, and start it!


So, as you see, you don’t need to be a superman to start an eCommerce project. However, this is only the beginning. Developing your online business and competing with other eCommerce projects is much harder. So, get ready to fight for your place under the Sun. And may the Force be with your eCommerce website!

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