Is Cheap Hosting A Good Choice?

cheap hosting disadvantagesCheap hosting represents the most affordable solution available in the web hosting market today. It is suitable for small and medium-sized sites with low level of traffic.

But is it really reliable to place your site on the same server with hundreds of other sites? And what to do if you will need more resources than cheap hosting can provide you with? So, let’s find out what are disadvantages of cheap hosting.


Not every hosting plan guarantees 99.99% uptime. Most often, cheap hosting companies can’t guarantee that your site will be always up and running, especially during overloading when something is most likely to go wrong with the server. This happens as some web hosting providers want to save money on technical support and they don’t have really qualified specialists. So, reliability of service may be compromised and you shouldn’t expect that the server will work fast and the server resources will be provided in time. This can lead to noticeable slowdowns that will have negative impact on traffic.


Some cheap hosting services have much more lower storage and bandwidth limits. Although a few GB of storage may seem to be enough, but sites that are going to be uploading a large amount of content can break these limit amounts of storage very fast. Many cheap hosting companies offer to have high cost restoration, in other words, they offer to get back up of your site at extra cost.

Control Panel

The control panel is extremely important for many users and webmasters and some cheap hosting providers give only a watered down one with only several options. The control panel that isn’t able to maintain higher level of control function necessary for professional website creation won’t adequately provide the tools which can help to manage the website.


cheap hosting disadvantagesThere are cases when cheap hosting companies have compatibility issues with software which can be installed server-side. Hosting may only be available on Linux or Windows based servers that creates difficulties for webmasters who want to use certain coding languages for their sites and site software.

Although not all webhosts are suspicious, many of them aren’t able to provide adequate resources or tools to create a website that is really great and similar to websites that have better hosting plans and services.

Cheap hosting plans users should find an affordable option that is more reliable and secure, faster and comprehensible, one that provides more disk space and bandwidth, better control of the server and is compatible with the software, scripts and other types of coding languages used on the site. This will definitely help to save money and to prevent the high costs of cheap hosting when service needs to be re-enabled after exceeding bandwidth or storage resources.

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