10 Gorgeous Websites Based on WordPress

Nowadays you have a lot of opportunities to create a great web page. However, one of the cheapest and easiest of them is using a CMS. CMSs or Content Management Systems, are special software installed to your web server to provide fast and easy creation and management of a website. These platforms are easy to operate and help to create your own site from nothing.

Use WordPress for Your Website

Use WordPress for Your Website

One of the most popular CMSs is WordPress. Though it was originally created as a blog platform, today it’s changed a lot. Now you can create almost any type of website using WordPress: eCommerce, photo gallery, blog, news portal, etc. The convenience and popularity of this platform are well reasoned by its user-friendly interface and lots of functions.

If you want to use WordPress with your website, it won’t require much efforts. You just need to install special software on your budget web hosting, and choose a good theme. Then, everything depends only on your fantasy. So, don’t hesitate, and try to create your own website using WordPress CMS!

Best WordPress Websites List

Do you want some examples of successful web projects powered by WordPress? Specially for you we have selected several extremely interesting websites that work with this platform. So, meet them:

  • http://business.blogs.cnn.com/. Probably, everyone have heard about CNN. Well, their nice business blog also uses WordPress. Isn’t it a proof that WordPress is really good and reliable?
  • http://ebayinkblog.com/. A beautiful blog about eBay and its innovations. A good example of how a featured blog should look like.
  • http://www.creativedepart.com/. This great art blog shows you, how creative some WordPress themes can be. Great design of this site also helps users to percept content better.
  • http://www.jefffinley.org/. A good example of a portfolio website powered by WordPress. It uses many important instruments showing the multifunctional possibilities of WordPress.
  • Best WordPress Websites List

  • http://www.egyptsharmtrips.com/. Have you ever traveled to Egypt? If no, maybe you could try the services of this amazing website. It looks stylish and functional, a good example of WordPress usage, indeed.
  • http://www.colazionedamichy.it/. A fantastic example of uniting different website functions. This is a portfolio, blog and gallery website — all in one, and with smart design.
  • http://www.altimea.com/. Creative studios also use WordPress. Here is a really good example from France. Fantastic design, animations and set of functions.
  • http://typographica.org/. A nice blog and review website about typography. Stylish design is united with nice animations and great unique content. A really good WordPress website.
  • http://www.archer-group.com/. This is a topnotch website of an analytics and design agency. It uses a lot of WordPress features — both common and uncommon.
  • http://www.creativespaces.net.au/. WordPress powers a lot of useful websites. This one helps artists and designers, so the unity of creative design and good functions makes this site really successful.

How to Improve Your WordPress Website?

So, now you’ve seen our examples of great WordPress websites. Probably, you’ve noticed all of them are very different. They have different functions, target groups, designs. So, perhaps, our best advice for you is “Try to make your site as unique as possible”. Thanks God, WordPress lets you do it really well.

Order an exciting WordPress theme, or create your own one. Make your website interactive and informative. Don’t overload your users with content — give it in portions. These are several points that were followed by the web designers that created the sites from our list. To sum it all up, be creative, and people will strive for you and your project!

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