Why Cheap Hosting is Better than Free Hosting

hidden cost of cheap hosting

Cheap web hosting is very affordable nowadays and, naturally, it is very popular thanks to its low price and good services provided.

But why to pay for these services if there are also free hosting plans which won’t cost you a penny?

Let’s look closer at this issue and let’s consider all advantages and disadvantages of both types of web hosting.

Advantages of Free Hosting

Sure, the fist and main advantage of cheap hosting is that you don’t have to pay for the service. There are a lot of firms which bundle free plans besides their premium solutions. For some businesses and individuals this kind of hosting is good enough, but only for very small businesses and for individuals who expect to have low level of traffic.

So, this is suitable solution for those who create web site to declare about personal endeavors or hobbies. Free hosting plan will also help to understand the inside of web service that will can make you decide to switch over the paid hosting.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting

hidden cost of cheap hostingIt is obviously that disadvantages of free hosting overweight its advantages. First of all let’s talk about very limited resources you receive. You will get a very small amount of disk space to store you files and pictures. Most free host don’t even want to quote a determined amount of storage, so you may won’t be able to load even average-sized video file.

You can be limited on certain number of pages, images and overall design of the site. Moreover, free hosting doesn’t imply uptime guaranteed and technical support. Although some providers promise to resolve technical problems, you can wait for response for weeks.

As the service is free, any company won’t promise to provide support within determined period of time. It should be observed that free hosting implies obligatory the advertising placed on your web pages that can also scare away the visitors.

Cheap Hosting – Perfect Solution

Cheap hosting is ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for individuals who want to have higher level of traffic. If taking into account the quality of service in comparison with free hosting, even $10 per month is just price for this king of hosting. As you pay money for hosting, your provider is responsible for ensuring support and making your site work effectively.

You can choose a hosting package that exactly suits your needs: disk space you need, bandwidth, settings and applications. Of course there are limitations, but you will be much less restricted and will have better control over your website.

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