Hosting Services Became Cheap

breaking down the cost of cheap hosting

You must have asked yourself why so many hosting companies have different prices for almost the same services? The point is that like in any other business, in web hosting industry there are shady companies looking for earning money very quickly and then to disappear.

Usually, they offer their services at a much more higher price hoping that someone will pay for them. Undoubtedly, most web hosting providers have legitimate reasons for the prices they fix, whether they are high or low. So, let’s have a closer look at what has the most impact on the cost.

Technical Support

This factor is one of the most important factors influencing the cost of the web host service. Companies delivering quality support and quickly respond to technical problems have much more skilled and professional support team. As maintaining such team is by no means cheap, naturally, this service won’t be cheap in your hosting plan. Certain companies want to economize on support team in order to offer cheaper service. In most cases such business doesn’t survive.

Network and Infrastructure

breaking down the cost of cheap hostingA considerable amount of the costs for web hosting services can be attributed to the company’s network and infrastructure.

In some cases hosting companies store their servers in many different data centers that is also expensive.

Finally, to ensure high quality and reliable service hosting providers need electrical systems, redundant internet connections, backup power and security features. So, all this is included in the cost of the hosting plan.

Loss Selling

There are hosting providers that sell at loss hoping to expand their client base and selling the same services at a higher price in the perspective. Such companies can cut cost for such services as SSL certificates, web design, search engine marketing in order to make them more attractive for the customers. But you should remember that in spite of the fact that you can purchase hosting services at a lower price, here is always risk to receive low quality service.


This is the basic reason why prices are going cheap. For example, if one customer doesn’t use all the allocated resources, hosting company can resell them to the other client. It is good if such provider is able to maintain quality of service, but generally, this can’t last for a long time. It is really risky as there is always the chance that several customers will decide to maximize the resources.

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