What Represents VPS Hosting?

5 benefits of cheap hosting

VPS hosting is very popular kind of hosting that combines high quality service and obtainable price.

VPS is also known as VDS – virtual dedicated server – ideal solution for users who need high power capacity and flexibility of settings.

To be more exact, VPS allows you to get much more than ordinary virtual hosting, but at the same time it represents more affordable alternative of dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting Packages

Within the frame of VPS tariff hosting companies offer virtual dedicated server located on the separate physical machine. Such account implies complete access to the virtual server that allows to install additional settings, any special programming, modules and services. At the same time every tariff plan provides guaranteed minimum of system resources (the amount of on-line storage and the power of processor). It means that on any conditions customer will get at his disposal this guaranteed amount of resources. The average VPS hosting package includes 128MB memory and 5 GB data storage.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

As it was mentioned above, the customer has access to the server on the root level and, thus, gets acquire a right to administer it as he wishes. If compared to shared hosting it gives user the following advantages:

5 benefits of cheap hosting
Possibility of installing any software and to configure any parameters of the system and applications.

Possibility of installing your own versions of system libraries and to change the existing ones.

Possibility of full control over the processes, users and files in the system.

Possibility of creating unlimited number of sites, data bases, domain zones, organisation of any quantity of visitors.

VPS server implies much less number of sites than shared server that’s why the server resources are shared among less number of customers. Besides, Resources on VPS are distributed in such a way so that any of virtual machines can’t use the resources dedicated for another one.

It should be also noted that VPS resources are limited only by the tariff plan itself, so, you should plan in advance what amount of bandwidth, disk space and other parameters your site will need for the further development.

Cost and Reliability

Unfortunately, many hosting companies offering VPS hosting services are unreliable and inexperienced. Some companies can disappear only in few months after they was established. In rare cases a hosting provider can leave hundreds of clients without any explanations. So, it is extremely important to balance the value of VPS hosting and reliability and to do some research before to choose one or another hosting company.

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