What if Cheap Hosting Goes Wrong?

if cheap hosting goes wrong

Nowadays among the abundance of discount and sales, in the world where everything costs $9.99 people get adjusted to buy products and services at a low price as none wants to overpay.

But when it comes to a critical business such as web hosting, you should be very cautious as cheap hosting price should arouse much more suspicion. Many providers offer low cost as they want to attract more clients, but how paradoxically it wouldn’t sound, many clients is the main reason why cheap hosting can’t ensure high quality service.

Moreover, there are a lot of fly-by-night cheap hosting providers that can disappear with your money after a month of service.

How Cheap Hosting Companies Are Arranged?

Web hosting companies buy servers and internet connectivity in order to resell these resources to businesses and individuals who need them for websites and other web-based activities. Usually, this is realized by leasing more powerful computers called dedicated servers.

You don’t get the entire computer, but you receive resources such as disk space and bandwidth as well as the features included in the hosting plan. The main goal here is to structure this plan in such a way that it is affordable for a customer that, in its turn, will help to maximize profits based on the
available resources.

As the internet and hosting industry don’t have real limits, new web hosts emerge every day. This helps to heat up the competition and to keep prices relatively stable. But there are companies that want to grab a significant part of cheap hosting market, so, they begin to offer the lowest price in the web industry. Naturally, lowest price attracts more clients, but let’s consider the reverse of the medal.

Very Low Price Means Unreliable Service

if cheap hosting goes wrongReally quality service can’t be too cheap as it requires expenses for IT team and leasing the servers. But cheap hosting providers who offer unbelievable low price have decided to choose another way. First of all, they economize on the customer support. Such companies may have not professional support, small team of professionals that just don’t has time to deal with all technical problem arousing or they may not have technical specialists at all.

Another problem of cheap hosting is overloaded server that is shared between multiple websites. If your site is located on the overloaded server, you should expect slow pages loading or regular downtime.

The most dangerous issue is reselling the server’s resources. In order to triple their profits, some companies can resell the resources as a lot of clients don’t use all the resources provided to them. This can lead to real catastrophe as if at least 100 sites begin to use the resources implied by the hosting plan or want to upgrade, the server won’t sustain such level of load and will break.

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