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cheap hosting pros and cons

Let’s suppose that you made up your mind to make yourself known in the internet. But you don’t want to launch your own site on the free hosting with advertising, unattractive address and other hardships, because at least it’s unpresentably. But you also hesitate to venture on buying expensive hosting plan. One of the best variants is to buy cheap hosting and to put it and your site to the test.

As of today, there is a rich diversity of web companies providing high quality and cheap hosting. So, really there is a wide range of choice and it can be explained very easy – keen competition. There is too much companies in this market and all of them want o make money. That’s why prices are coming down persistently and those who have the lowest price, make a profit. But everything has its pluses and minuses, so, let’s talk about it.

There exists an opinion that cheap paid hosting is even worse than free hosting because, as a rule, “cheap” is always compared to “sub-quality”, but this is not the case. For your money you will get sterling hosting services that is you will have a disk space, though is will be minimal. Your site will be always available, because the companies takes much care about uptime. Depending on the host, minimal disk quota in cheap hosting vary from 5 to 45 megabytes.

Cheap Hosting Minuses

In fact, there is a lot of restriction in cheap hosting plan: the quantity of e-mail addresses, data base, subdomains, additional domains etc. Some hosts act even worse – they give minimum of everything and limit technical support into the bargain. In most cases you will be able to contact the support team only by e-mail. It should be noticed that the priority of your problems will be much more lower than of clients with more expensive tariffs that means that your problems will be solved last of hosting pros and cons

Now about traffic. Usually the limit of the initial account constitutes 1000 megs a month. As soon as this limit is used up – “Sorry, site is blocked up, bandwidth exceeded”. In such cases all hosts offer you to buy additional traffic. So, you will have to pay in excess constantly. It comes out that sum of “tariff cost” and “traffic pay” can be equal the cost of the better tariff that doesn’t implies traffic limits. The main story is with disk space – if it is not enough, you can buy in addition.

In chase of clients, cheap hosting companies offer to buy the service and present domain absolutely at no cost. Many people like it and bite at such things. But in most cases you won’t get such a bonus and you will need to buy domain separately.

Cheap Hosting Pluses

Well, we have seen that there is a lot of minuses in cheap hosting, but what attribute to pluses? Undoubtedly, it is the cost, actually the minimum price you can meet in the internet is $0.45 a month. Very positive moment – you get normal hosting without any advertising. You can also choose domain name you like. Try to choose vacant or very attractive name and you will see how difficult it is. So, good domain name can’t be cheap, anyway.

More and more cheap hosting companies offers its services for several days or weeks that allows you to test hosting during few days having payed few cents. Such practice will help you to determine whether it is comfortable and affordable for you. So, if you decided to create your first site and you aren’t sure whether you need expensive hosting, try cheap hosting plan and you will discover all its advantages and disadvantages to move forward in the internet business.

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